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By Dr. Paul Potach, D.P.M.
June 20, 2019
Category: Foot Care
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Is your ingrown nail a real nuisance or just too painful to handle anymore? Read on to learn how Dr. Paul Potach, your foot doctor in ingrown-toenailWheeling and Berwyn, IL, can help you!


More about ingrown toenails

This condition occurs when a toenail penetrates the corners or sides of a toe's flesh, often resulting in acute pain or infection. At their beginning stages, ingrown toenails first become noticeable due to the presence of hard, swollen flesh that is tender to the touch.

If left untreated by a foot doctor, your ingrown toenails may cause

  • Acute pain
  • Deep inflection
  • Pus

There are a few causes to why ingrown toenails begin in the first place, including:

  • Improper toenail trimming, particularly with the big toes
  • Wearing too tight or small of shoes shoes
  • Repeated trauma or injury to your feet
  • Fungus infections
  • Inherently poor foot structure.


What are some treatment options?

Treating ingrown toenails can often be a simple fix:

  • Soak your foot in warm and soapy water several times a day.
  • Try to keep your feet clean and dry well after washing them.
  • Wear shoes that give your toes more space to move to avoid over-crowdedness.
  • Avoid wearing tight socks.

In more serious cases:

  • Your foot doctor may prescribe an antibiotic if there is an infection
  • If you're suffering from an acute infection, you may need surgery from one of our offices in either Wheeling or Berwyn, IL. During a procedure called partial nail plate avulsion, Dr. Potach removes part of the ingrown toenail after it has been numbed with anesthetic. Accordingly, your treatment will be free of pain and discomfort!


Need relief from ingrown toenail pain? We can help!

For more information on ingrown toenail care, contact Dr. Paul Potach today by calling (847) 215-1525 for his Wheeling office, and (708) 484-3338 for his Berwyn location!