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By Dr. Paul Potach, D.P.M. June 27, 2018 Category: Foot Care
July 26, 2018
Category: Foot Care
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Worried about that bunion? A bunion is a painful bony bump that forms on the joint connecting the big toe. Bunions are caused by wearing bunionsnarrow-toed shoes. Bunions occur mostly in women, as they are more likely to wear tight shoes. Some diseases can also cause bunions. Dr. Paul Potach is a podiatrist who offers treatments for foot problems. His offices are located in Wheeling and Berwyn, IL. Here are four treatments for bunions.

1. Padding & Taping- Bunion treatment often begins with padding and taping. Padding the bunion will minimize your pain and allow you to continue a normal, active life. Taping the bunion will keep your foot in a normal position, thus reducing pressure and discomfort. Padding and taping also prevent bunions from getting worse. 

2. Custom Orthotics- Custom-made orthotics can be a valuable treatment for bunions. Orthotics are inserts or footbeds that are inserted into shoes. Orthotics can prevent the progression of bunions and ease pain, improving joint function. You can get custom-made orthotics from your podiatrist.

3. Steroid Injections- Steroid injections can ease your pain temporarily by reducing inflammation. They're most commonly injected into joints — such as your elbow, hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, wrist, and spine. The injections usually comprise a local anesthetic and corticosteroid medication. You can get steroid injections at your Wheeling and Berwyn podiatrist's office.

4. Bunion Surgery- If your symptoms are severe, your doctor may recommend surgery to treat your bunion. The surgery is called bunionectomy. The goal of surgery is to correct the deformity and relieve pain.

Say goodbye to that bunion. Call our office at 847-215-1525 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Potach in Wheeling, IL. Call 708-484-3338 to schedule an appointment in Berwyn, IL. We are committed to providing high-quality patient care using state-of-the-art technologies. Our bunion treatments will ease your pain and help you get back to a happy and healthy life.