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By Dr. Paul Potach, D.P.M.
June 27, 2018
Category: Foot Care
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What your podiatrist in Wheeling and Berwyn, IL wants you to knowwarts

If you have a clump of hard bumps on your foot, you could have warts. The good news is your podiatrist has several effective treatments to get rid of warts and clear up your feet. Dr. Paul Potach wants to share the facts about warts and how he can help. He has two convenient office locations in Wheeling, and Berwyn, Illinois to take care of your feet.

Warts that occur on your feet are called plantar warts, and they often look like rough bumps or growths. They can show up on your forefeet, heels, or toes and are caused by exposure to a virus.

There are some factors which can increase your risk of experiencing plantar warts, including:

  • Going barefoot in public pool areas, locker rooms, or showers
  • Being a child or teenager
  • Having a compromised or weakened immune system
  • Having a history of previous plantar warts

There are a few ways you can identify plantar warts because they:

  • Look like a callus if the wart moves inward
  • Have small black dots which are clotted blood vessels
  • Can cause open sores along the lines and ridges in your feet
  • Can interfere with walking or standing by causing pain

Over-the-counter wart treatments are usually not very effective at getting rid of warts, which is why you should visit your podiatrist. Dr. Potach offers effective treatments like these:

  • Ointments or medication
  • Eliminating the wart with Pulse Dye Laser treatment
  • Peeling the wart with topical salicylic acid

For more detailed information about warts and Pulse Dye Laser treatment, please view the Warts page on Dr. Potach’s website at

Your feet deserve to be comfortable, and free of annoying, painful warts. Your podiatrist can help clear up your feet with simple, effective treatments. For more information about treating warts and other foot care topics, call Dr. Paul Potach, with offices in Wheeling, and Berwyn, Illinois. Call today!